Septic Systems – What to Avoid to Prevent Septic System Failure

Septic Systems – What to Avoid to Prevent Septic System Failure

Septic systems are a fact of life for many homeowners. For some people, there is no choice. They live too far away from the sewer system in their area for traditional plumbing to be an option. This is especially true for people who live in rural areas. For other people, a decision to use a septic system is one they make for environmental reasons. A septic system is a natural way to add nutrients to the soil.

Whatever the reason you have a septic system, however, there is one thing that is true: you simply must maintain your system properly or it will fail. Septic system failures are not only messy and disgusting – they are also incredibly expensive to fix and can do thousand upon thousands of dollars of damage to your property. If you want to avoid any problems with your septic system, keep in mind these main reasons that septic systems break down. Avoid these, and you are on your way to maintaining a well functioning septic system.

Some septic systems are designed to fail from the start because of the soil in which they are installed. You may not have a choice about having a septic system, but if you are considering one by choice, make sure you do your research and determine whether or not your soil is suitable for septic systems. If you have to one regardless, make sure you have more frequent maintenance done to keep the system working well.

Another reason septic systems may fail is that they are just too small for the job. Don’t try to save money by going with a smaller septic system than suggested for your property and the amount of use you expect it to get. Saving a few hundred dollars up front will pale in comparison to the thousands you’ll spend when it fails.

Septic system damage is a real problem for some people. Heavy machinery can easily damage a septic system, even if it is underground. If you live in a new construction area, this can be a real problem. Likewise, if you farm your land, septic damage is a real risk. If you will be using heavy equipment on your land, make sure your system is installed far away from where you’ll be using this machinery, if possible.

Poor maintenance is another problem that causes septic system failure. Undigested solid pieces of food and other matter get stored in a septic tank, and it needs to be pumped out in regular basis. Likewise, if you frequently poor cleaning liquids down your drain or if you use a garbage disposal, your system needs to be cleared even more than recommended. Experts recommend septic system cleaning every two years – more often if you use the system more heavily than normal.

Maintain your septic system to avoid expensive problems down the line.


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